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Citizen Hacman Commitment


Hackspace Manchester is something we do together. It is a community. The infrastructure (building, equipment, tools, electric, internet etc) provides the foundations, and people working together with shared understandings and expectations are what provide a place of strong community.

Every member is a citizen of the Hackspace Community and as such must follow the rules and guidelines in place to ensure that the community can exist safely and cohesively.

The Citizen Hacman Commitment is what we expect from all Hackspace Citizens and explains how you can play your part in building, maintaining, and growing our community.

Examples included in the Citizen Hacman Commitment are just that, this is not an exhaustive list of behaviours that may be considered in breach of the rules.

As a Citizen of Hacman… I am committed to:

Membership Conditions

Hackspace Manchester is open to everyone over the age of 18 who registers at and pays a monthly subscription fee of at least £10 per month.


A hacker may not be on fire, cause a fellow hacker to be on fire, or through inaction allow a fellow hacker to be on fire.

As a Hackspace Citizen it is essential that you act responsibly and safely within the Space this includes but is not limited to:

  • Using appropriate PPE. Hackspace Manchester provides relevant PPE including goggles, breathing masks, gloves, hearing protection etc and these should be used where appropriate.

  • Using tools safely - Tools and equipment that require an induction must not be used until you have been inducted on them. Tools that do not require an induction may be used and use of such tools will be taken as an acknowledgement that your comfortable using these tools.

  • Reporting any accidents, near misses, and unsafe usage to the Hackspace Health & Safety subcommittee via the Hackspace Helpdesk

  • Only using tools that have been identified as NOT SAFE FOR LONE WORKING when someone else is present in the Space.

Rule 1: Be excellent to each other (follow the Citizen Hacman Membership Agreement)

A hacker should treat each and every other hacker with the respect we feel we deserve ourselves.

We want our Hackspace to be somewhere that people can enjoy making things in a safe, harassment-free environment. Anybody who is in the Hackspace, attending an event as part of the Hackspace or is using any of the Hackspace communication channels (IRC, Mailing List or Telegram) is covered by the Citizen Hacman Membership Agreement.

Rule 2: Colour within the lines (and erase afterwards)

A hacker should keep their belongings safe and tidy so that other hackers are not inconvenienced or injured by them.

  • Follow the member’s storage guidelines

  • Don’t spread your stuff all over the place. Be willing to make room for others to work when needed

  • Tidy up any mess you make including tidying tools up and putting them back in the right places, disposing of rubbish appropriately

  • If you can please try and spend a few minutes tidying up other people’s mess (no one is perfect and someone may have left something out and by tidying it you’re helping keep the space enjoyable for everyone)

Rule 3: Appreciate the Space!

A hacker should appreciate the space and that it is a shared space with other Hackspace Citizens .

All Hackspace Citizens are asked to respect and appreciate the space including but not limited to:

  • Tidying up after yourself

  • Carrying out Housekeeping tasks such as taking the rubbish out, hoovering up, watering the plant etc)

  • Reporting any broken/damaged tools or infrastructure via the Hackspace Helpdesk

  • Promptly paying for snackspace, laser and other equipment fees

  • Taking care not to damage tools or infrastructure

  • Helping to improve the space by taking part in Hack the Space Days where possible or getting involved in the teams/subcommittees responsible for the running of the space.

  • Getting involved with Space Bureaucracy through the Members Meetings and voting in the elections.

  • Not borrowing/removing tools from the space or expecting tools to be available. We do not guarantee the uptime or availability of equipment. (No refunds will be given for membership just because a tool is out of use)

  • Members may bring guests into the space but are responsible for the actions of the guests. Guests must not use any equipment that requires an induction and should not be left alone in the space.

  • Ensuring you follow Access Control protocols including closing doors when leaving, not propping doors open unnecessarily and not giving others access to the space or space systems via your RFID fob, Login information or other authentication methods

  • Comply with all relevant legislation including but not limited to:

  • Following the principles of the Health and Safety at Work Act

  • No Smoking (including vaping) within the Space

  • No illegal activities e.g bringing stolen goods into the space

  • No sleeping/living in the space

You may use the hackspace to further your business objectives but keep in mind that this is a shared space and that you won’t be given nor should you expect any priority or special treatment so please plan your deadlines accordingly.

Rule 4: No Obligation

Hackspace Manchester does not employ any staff. Volunteers give up their spare time to assist with inductions on equipment and to help keep the space running, therefore, please bear in mind the following:

  • Equipment inductions are done by volunteers and there may be a wait for these

  • Maintenance of tools and equipment is done by volunteers which means that it may take a while for tools to be fixed if damaged/out of service

  • There is no obligation on Hackspace Manchester to purchase new tools and equipment. The majority of space tools were funded by member pledges so if you wish we had a tool or piece of equipment feel free to start a pledge on the Forum

  • There is no obligation on you to remain a member, membership is monthly rolling and can be cancelled at anytime using the Member’s system.

Just because someone is in the space doesn’t mean they are willing to induct you or fix something at that time